Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus (Dan Kennedy 2012)

by Brad Campbell in Bonuses,Reviews

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire: the “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy and his team over at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC) are going bananas with this thing.

Expected to be the hottest wealth-building launch of 2012, Renegade Millionaire is designed to open your eyes and show you the path to becoming a seven figure success story in the face of our current economic recession.  I’ve created an exclusive Renegade Millionaire bonus offer — hit play to watch:

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When combined with Dan’s Renegade Millionaire philosophies, you will truly be able to generate income at will.


When this goes live, I’ll be uploading a video right here to describe my Renegade Millionaire bonus package.  I may be biased, but I strongly believe that mine will be the best out there.

I specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and because the number one obstacle for almost every online entrepreneur or business owner is the inability to get targeted buyers into their sales funnel…

… my bonus will have a lot to do with dominating Google for your most valuable keywords — and that’s regardless of whether you’re an affiliate marketer, one-man (or woman) Internet warrior or an offline business owner.

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Waiting List

If you like what you see and you’re considering investing in Dan’s new Renegade Recession Made Millionaire program, I’d love to have you take advantage of my bonus as well.  To ensure you don’t miss out on what I have in store for you, feel free to jump on the ugly waiting list form below:


If you’re serious about direct response marketing, you’ve probably been following Dan’s work for quite some time.  Chances are, you’ve even bought some of his books or products.  Hell, the entire industry gobbled up his last online system, Game Changer DNA.


Dan Kennedy has impacted by business more than any other marketing guru out there.  And believe me, I’ve bought just about every coaching program, how-to course and training seminar ever released.  The guy has ‘chops’ — he knows his shit.  Period, end of story.

However, if you’re reading this, no doubt I’m preaching to the choir.  But what will his Renegade Recession Made Millionaire series bring to the table?  That’s a great question.


At the time of writing this article, we’re still a few weeks before the grand opening, so your guess is as good as mine.  All I can tell you is that the premise, as the title insinuates, is about being prepared and proactive in times of economic challenge.

According to a tiny sneak peak from Dan, this is about infusing your soul with hope and optimism, and realizing that history proves the majority of millionaires were born during similar periods of recession.

If you’re searching for an opportunity to succeed in today’s economy, and you’re savvy not to waste your time on the latest gizmos, gadgets and secret loopholes, I’d imagine Recession Made Renegade Millionaire is worth your undivided attention.


Regardless of whether or not you decide to pull the trigger on this, you’d be crazy not to follow the pre-launch.  Dan Kennedy is notorious for being incredibly inaccessible and hates giving away free content.  That’s why it will be invaluable to tune in to the four information-packed pre-launch videos and live presentation (with studio audience and chat session).

Inside the videos, you’ll discover the true source of major wealth; the number one way to magnetically attract new paying customers; why the current recession we’re in is actually going to help you, not hurt you; and lastly, why you don’t want an email list of prospects.  The last learning point, in particular, has me very intrigued.  Be sure to tune in.

The dates for pre-launch training sessions are as follows:

  • Pre-Launch Video #1 – February 27th, 2012
  • Pre-Launch Video #2 – February 29th, 2012
  • Pre-Launch Video #3 – March 2nd, 2012
  • Pre-Launch Video #4 – March 4th, 2012

Watch closely and take notes, as I’m sure Dan will drop many marketing gems. On top of that, you can indirectly learn so much by examining and reverse engineering how the greatest renegade millionaire of all, packages, positions and presents his information.  As the videos become available, I’ll summarize each one below…

Video 1

The first of Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire pre-launch videos is titled: “One Weird Reason Why More Millionaires Are Made During A Recession.”  As usual, the video starts off with Dan tooting his own horn — and for good reason.  This confirms his already well-known credibility and signals you to log off Facebook and listen up.  Dan states that the video series will focus mostly on practical attraction for profit, meaning how to make your marketing efforts magnetically attractive.

One aspect very unique to what Dan teaches is that he does NOT encourage you to pursue prospects and obsessively promote your products.  On the contrary, he instructs his students to implement what he dubbed magnetic marketing.  This flips the script and creates a whole new dynamic that results in you, your products and your services being more desirable.

Moving on, Kennedy states that the longer and more tedious a given recession is, the more opportunity there is for the serious entrepreneur to create absolute wealth.  Quoting Dan:

“There is an ocean of money out there and it flows to people who know how to attract it.”

As an example, he talks reality TV’s most polarizing family, the Kardashians.  By becoming more fascinating to more people, the Kardashians (along with many other “average” business people that are absolute unknowns, working in tiny niches) have systematically continued climbing the income ladder, despite the fact that our economy is in the gutter.

A major aha moment in the video was when Dan suggested that almost every business out there is busy working on insignificant tasks, meanwhile ignoring the one thing that matters most: ATTRACTION.  More specifically, the attracting of fascination, traffic, leads, and customers.

This is the one thing that, if fixed, makes everything else easily fixable.  On the other hand, working on every other aspect of your business likely won’t do much for your bottom line, especially if you continue to neglect the attraction piece.  This is just a high level overview of what you can expect within the first pre-launch video.  Watch it for yourself to get all the gems.

Video 2

The second pre-launch video, titled: “Income At Will,” digs into the concept of creating a business whereby you’ve got the ability to “send the bill to your herd” at the push of a button.  Building a diehard group of loyal followers who eagerly await the next big release you’re putting out, is the epitome of owning such a business.

To drive home this point, Dan gives the famous example of the Beatles “writing themselves another swimming pool.”  With a massive group of borderline-obsessed fans, they knew that any quality song put out would bring in profits hand over fist.  In typical Dan Kennedy fashion, this video was educational and entertaining.

Video 3

“Renegades Right Now” is the name of pre-launch video number three.  As the name implies, some of Dan’s brightest stars go behind the lens to tell their tales of taking the Million Maker’s philosophies and turning them into a printing press for their respective businesses.

This video was necessary for the critical social proof aspect that goes into any big marketing launch.  It was interesting and inspiring, although not necessarily the most informative or educational video in this pre-launch series.  It’s always interesting to see the vastly different business types that Dan Kennedy’s strategies work in.  In fact, I honestly believe that marketing is marketing and these teachings are applicable to any market or sub-niche.

I know some people don’t agree and you’ve always got the naysayers who think their market is different.  Personally, I think that’s a mindset issue that needs worked out.

Video 4

Video four, called “Inside The System,” does just that: it takes you inside of Renegade “Recession Made” Millionaire and details the massive amount of business-building information contained within this 2012 mega system.  Not surprisingly, Dan had a few cool bonuses up his sleeve, including a fast action bonus for the first 500 buyers.


The shopping cart for Renegade Millionaire goes live on Monday, March 5th, 2012.  Mark your calendars.  During launch week, there will be one scheduled live presentation, where you’ll be able to chat in real-time with Dan Kennedy himself.  It’s not set in stone, but the possibility of unannounced bonuses and last-minute trainings certainly exists.  Needless to say, we all win during this massive event put on by the GKIC crew.

Limited Availability

The shopping cart will close on Saturday, March 10th, 2012.  I cannot say for sure, but I’m confident once the cart closes, there will be no more opportunities to become a Renegade Recession Made Millionaire member.


Like with any other marketing product launch, I won’t have a review available until after the shopping cart opens.  If you’re still on the fence, check back after Renegade Millionaire goes live and if I have time, I’ll try to whip up a quick review for you.


Dan Kennedy didn’t become kingpin of direct response marketers by accident.  If you surveyed the top twenty online and offline marketing gurus, I’d wager to say that every last one of them will credit Dan with being one of the most prominent mentors during their rise to riches.

I say this because everyone I personally hold in high regard has mentioned that Dan Kennedy has been an integral piece to their success puzzle.  The guy has too much experience, wisdom and quite frankly, ego, to put out anything but stellar coaching systems.  I expect Renegade Millionaire to be no exception.


On grand opening, I’ll reveal my pimp daddy bonus.  It’ll have a lot to do with ranking your website at the top of Google and it’ll compliment Renegade Millionaire brilliantly, as I can already guess that one downfall to this product is that it won’t contain the much needed A-to-Z traffic blueprint…

… and that’s where I come in…


To take advantage of my Renegade Millionaire bonus, simply clear your browsing history, then buy through my affiliate link using the “order now” button below.  After purchasing, forward your email receipt to Support[at] and my assistant will hook you up immediately.


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J Bushnell

Do you know what software tools Dan used to make his super cool videos?



Brad Campbell

You know, I was wondering the same exact thing. I’m guessing he films his part then simply outsourcers the sketching and graphics to a professional editing company — either that or he’s got someone on his team for this. That’s a long way of saying I don’t have a clue, haha, sorry ;-)


Christopher McCargar

I have no concrete proof, but from the look of it, I think he might be using the genius of Andy Jenkins, the “Video Boss”


Brad Campbell

You know what, I bet you’re right — Andy is the “go to” BOSS for all the top IM launches, it seems. Good call…



Hey Brad, you’ve got me very interested. I see the massive earning potential behind learning seo from your mastermind! Count me in – See you on the webinar.


Brad Campbell

See you there, thanks Bruce!



Just clicked through but I could not buy????? How do I get in on this????


Brad Campbell

Cart opens in about 5 mins!


Johnny P

Brad – I am in as well. I believe this is a fantastic bonus and very much looking forward to learning from you. I have been struggling with the online marketing part for 6 mos now and it is about time I learned from someone who is an expert in the field. Cannot wait to put everything into play.

All The Best,



Brad Campbell

Cool Johnny, excited to work with you…



Buying now! :)


Brad Campbell

Good for you, Meredith – see ya at the top of Google



Hi Brad,
I was very impressed with your presentation and zi really want to work with you. Can you please send me some details to your services etc.
Kind regards


Brad Campbell

Hey, thanks Diyari. This page problem best explains what I do and how I do it:

Check it out then just holla with any questions you might have. Thank you…




Brad, that was an excellent read, thank you for this valuable info and review post. keep it up man.


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