Net Space Profits Review » Version 2.0 Suck Fest?

by Brad Campbell in Reviews

Dude, are you kidding me right now?  Forget Net Space Profits 2.0 – that’s old school.

Read my Net Space Profits 3.0 review to see if the latest and greatest version is right for you.

Yo, what’s up boys and girls?  You’ve found my Net Space Profits review (version 2.0), so I’m gonna put two and two together and assume you wanna know the dirt on this “web leasing” money system by Tyler Ericsson…

So let’s jump in. What is Net Space Profits 2.0 all about? Basically, Tyler teaches you how to rank simple one-page mini-sites for targeted keywords — more specifically, keyword phrases that pair a service with a local city — that Google and other search engine users would be browsing for.

You’re simply trying to position yourself between local residents searching for a given service and the local business that’d be glad to provide that service. How do you profit?

You actually lease the space on your web page to one of these small town businesses.  The assumption is that most businesses and companies are totally clueless when it comes to SEO and online marketing in general… and that’s where you get to step up to fill that void and charge “rent” for doing so…

Net Space Profits Review (Version 2.0)

Here’s what I like about Net Space Profits 2.0… First off, the business model is solid.  As an SEO guy myself, I’m always looking for new ways to take advantage of my ability to get ranked for pretty much any medium and long tail keyword I chose.

Using these skills to sell advertising rights for a monthly recurring fee is brilliant.  Not only does this give you dependable income each and every month, but you also own and have full control over the web property.

This means, should a given company flake out on a future payment, you can simply remove their contact info from your site and replace ‘em with their closest competitor.  It’s evil and awesome all at once ;-)

Although I freakin’ LOVE affiliate marketing, this model is certainly more consistent and dependable, as you probably already have experience with fluctuations in affiliate sales. Another thing that totally rocks about this particular system is that whenever you’re adding a location into the keyword mix, it almost automatically makes it much easier to rank for.

The competition will be lower, as there’s only so many businesses within any city that are online competing for phrases relating to their service. Whether you pull the trigger on Net Space Profits or not, this blueprint is something that you should definitely consider implementing into your online arsenal at some point in time.

Okay, now for the negatives…

I have two beefs with Mr. Tyler Ericssons’ Net Space Profits 2.0 course…

Number one, is that he makes a strong push to have you go with his hosting company of choice after joining the course.  Hey, I’m more than cool with backend sales and I’d be shocked if any product owner never asked you to buy an “add on” or complimentary product at some point in time within the training materials…

After all, there are a handful of tools and resources you’ll need to successfully operate any Internet based business.  But, I don’t like it when the product owner makes it sound like it’s a make or break kinda deal…

It’s fine to say “I recommend using hosting company X, but you’re free to go with whoever you’d like.”  That’s pretty much how I run things over at my Super Affiliate Coaching Club…

Tyler, on the other hand, pushes a little harder and I don’t care for that (but hey, it’s just my personal preference). The only other aspect of my Net Space Profits review that I’d like to point out is a negative is this:  the course has you building each page off it’s own keyword-rich subdomain.

Net Space Profits Review — A Potential Flaw?

So for example:

My problem with this is that it’s freakin’ hard to rank subdomains.  Google ain’t too fond of ‘em, at least from my experiences.

I think it’s a much better plan to use all the principles and tactics outlined within the course, but to actually try to buy an exact match domain for each keyword you’re trying to rank for.

That’s a tweak you can make on your own if you’d like. All in all, I think you’ll learn a lot from investing in a course like Net Space Profits.  You could really blow a strategy like this up big time, as there are unlimited businesses in unlimited cities, meaning your opportunities for profitable keywords is absolutely insane.

Whether you wanna jump on board is totally up to you (obviously).  For those who do, I’ve got a pretty ass-kicking bonus offer — anyone who buys through my affiliate link below will get *FREE* lifetime access to my $97/mo private affiliate marketing coaching club.

In this exclusive super affiliate training society, I take you inside my 6-figure affiliate marketing business and show you step-by-step how to carbon copy my success.  You can get a feel for how valuable this is by checking out my free video course by opting in below…

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Anyways, no stone is left unturned.  Not to go all Napoleon Dynamite on you, but “I’m pretty much the best that I know of.”  ;-)

Seriously though, it’s an amazing coaching program.  Extremely in-depth, super high quality, and supreme customer support, where I work with you one-on-one and you get full access to my personal cell, email and Skype…

After buying Net Space Profits through my link below, simply forward your ClickBank receipt to Support[at]OnlineFitnessEmpire[dot]com and I’ll get ya registered right away…

If you have any questions about my Net Space Profits review or the sick bonus I’m offering, please don’t hesitate to hit me up in the comments section below. I look forward to working with some of you inside my coaching club.

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I assume you use the add on domain in the cpanel instead of the subdomain.


Brad Campbell

yes, this is what i’d recommend.


Doug Mills

OK. So how do I get my promised refund from this ASSHOLE because I have NO time to do this business? He promised refunds if I wasnt happy with it. I’ve tried emailing him 5 times now in the last few weeks with absolutely NO response. I just want my money back! How do I do that???
You seem like friends. How do I get ahold of him? And if I dont get my money back, where on the net can I let people know how much of a fraud he is????

Thanks. Doug.


Brad Campbell

No Doug, I’m not friends with him, nor do I know him on any level. I simply reviewed his product and gave the pros and cons. All you gotta do is click on the support link contained within your ClickBank email receipt.



Is there an upsell to this product, and if so, what is the cost?
Thank you…


Brad Campbell

Hey Lynn, I don’t think he’s even selling it anymore is he?


Jim Socal

This is probably one of the few honest reviews of this thing.
I already bought it from an email but I came here to see what was being said.

The sales funnel is ridiculous! 4 or so OTO’s and he FORCES you to listen to his sales pitches each time on a long video that you can’t get out of because the link does not appear to your download page or membership until the video finishes. So you sit through 4 or so videos before finally getting to the membership page then there’s yet ANOTHER effing OTO to do a free trial month of a membership that will then be automatically billed at $47/month. By that point I was really getting p*ssed off about the whole thing…

Anyway, I read a review of this at the Warrior Forum and I agree with what was said above and what was said at the WF as well – that this system can be adapted to work “outside the box” and might be a good business, but not exactly in the same way that it is “sold” to you. Probably the best way is to adapt it to your own methods, use the basic idea and learn what you can from it but then do it your own way.

I have also never had any problem getting a refund from ClickBank so theoretically I DO have 59 days to learn the whole system and then if I feel it wasn’t worth it I should be able to get my refund.


Brad Campbell

lol Jim, I feel ya man. I understand the whole upsell thing — they work and that’s why these slick marketers use ‘em. But to me, it feels a little slimy. Especially when you start talking about 3 or 4 of them. Then to have to sit there and listen to the ridiculousness… that’s super annoying.

Anyways, yeah I don’t agree with the exact protocol but I do think there is a lot of value in learning the ins and outs of local internet marketing. Good luck, hope you develop your own winning formula.


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