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New Update: I’m currently all booked and will not be taking on any new coaching clients anytime soon. There IS a way to sneak in the backdoor and work with me 1-on-1, for free. See my about page on Lazy MLM for details…

Internet Marketing CoachHey guys, I’m Brad Campbell — Internet marketing coach and self-made RENEGADE online entrepreneur.

I’m a straight shooter, so I’ll get right to the point.

I teach other like-minded “doers” how to build legitimate six figure lifestyle businesses on the Internet.

My systems are unique and custom-tailored for a very specific type of business model — one that’s simple, low risk and low maintenance.

Because, if you’re like me…

  • Guru ass kissing isn’t your cup of tea.
  • You have no interest in flying all over the world to speak at seminars.
  • Hiring, firing and managing employees sounds like a migraine waiting to happen.
  • And you probably don’t desire a ten million dollar company that only nets you a fraction of that and brings with it high levels of stress, anxiety and responsibility.

On the other hand, what if you could bring in at least $100,000 annually with nothing more than a laptop and an Internet connection?

lifestyle coachNo staff.

No obligations.

No dress code.

No requirements.

You call all the shots.

You work when you want.

Where you want.

Wearing whatever you want.

If the thought of this fascinates you, do me a huge favor…

… prove to me you’re not like all the other “me too” marketers who merely sit on their ass all day, saying how badly they want to make this whole online marketing thing work.

Show me you’re capable of living in my world — a world without rules… where you can give the economy a middle finger and earn as much passive income as you’d like…

If you can do this, I’ll extend to you an opportunity that’ll propel you into the upper echelon of Internet entrepreneurs.

I’m damn good at what I do and I’ve got a pretty unique way of doing it.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s an email I just received this morning from a client who’s only been with me for two weeks:


As you’ll learn about below, my specialty is getting ranked at the top of Google for profitable phrases people are out there searching for.  In just a couple weeks, I was able to get Jessie to the bottom of the first page in one of the most competitive niches there is.  Plus, we built him a second website that’s already on page two — and climbing.

But it gets better…

Because here we are only a few hours later and Jessie literally just updated me with the following email:

Most amazing of all, Jessie had never even set up a free WordPress blog before.  He’s a total Internet newbie who came to me in a last ditch effort to build a sustainable online income that could replace his day job.

See, his employer recently announced that 50% of all employees would be fired within the next sixty days.

Jessie refused to be a victim.  Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he took a leap of faith, hired a mentor (yours truly) and followed everything I said with complete confidence.

And the rest is history.  Needless to say, he won’t have to worry about being axed from his job any longer.

By the way, it’s not just this one coaching client who’s been a breakthrough success.  I literally get emails like this every single week from slaphappy students who’re achieving one top ranking after the next.  Case in point:

online mentoring testimonial

And here’s another current client of mine that’s doing local affiliate marketing for a profession he’s really passionate about:

more top rankings

Getting your website found at the top of Google is the vehicle that drives autopilot profits.  This is the single most valuable online marketing skill you could possess — and it just so happens that I’m the cream of the crop in this massive field of wannabe marketers.

(… hey, if I can’t brag myself up on my own coaching page, where can I?  LOL… )

Put it this way — mastering the art of acquiring free targeted traffic leads to lots of email notifications like this:

passive commissions

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and seeing an Inbox full of “you’ve got money” messages…

… or, logging into your ClickBank account and seeing daily results like this:

affiliate marketing coach

Notice that unlike all the slick sales letters for the get rich quick types of products, I’m not showing you unattainable results that are from selling my own courses.  The above is what I earned yesterday as an AFFILIATE, from just one of my ClickBank accounts.

I’ve got six accounts total (for six different websites), although not all of them earn at this level.

Yep, selling digital products through ClickBank is an awesome way to earn commissions online.  But, what about selling physical goods as an affiliate?  Well, I do that too:

online profits

Like I said in the screenshot above, these small commissions flowing in from all sorts of different networks and accounts really begin to stack up.  Even low payout physical products can result in BIG profits when the demand is there:

internet sales

Not too shabby for something that only makes me around six bucks per sale, huh?

I mean, I could go on and on.  There really is a boatload of money to be made online.

The thing is, 95% of Internet marketers never make a single dime.  And most of the successful 5% are making all their income through selling their own products and services.

I’m the exception.

Now consider this…

What if I could show you how to create just one simple site that sells one basic product that pays you $34 per sale?  And what if I could show you how to rank at the top of page one in Google for a search term people are using to learn more about (and potentially purchase) that product?

And finally, what if you made a measly five sales per day?  Would your affiliate account for that hypothetical product look like this:

marketing program

Of course it would.  Because that’s not some farfetched fairy tale I just walked you through — it’s yet another real-life example of how I’m crushing it online, each and every day.

Screw thinking about all of those accounts.  Wouldn’t just one of them — for example, the last one — be life changing for you?

You bet it would.

A hundred and seventy bucks a day is over $5,000 a month in affiliate commissions.

That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Now consider adding all of those accounts up.  Can you see the power behind implementing proven online marketing strategies?

By belonging to lots of different affiliate networks, I’m able to promote a wide range of products and services.  Most of these commissions get deposited directly into my checking account, whereas some get paid out via PayPal (which I then wire right into my checking account, free of charge):

easy commissions on the internet

Now, I could’ve went for the wow factor and used trickery to show you single days where I’ve raked in over $3,000 in PayPal money alone — but that would be deceptive, since a large portion of that was from my coaching service.

I only market ethically and honestly, therefore, everything you see here is truly attainable results that you can mimic as my online super affiliate protege.

But I should be clear: my system is NOT about having you throw up a bunch of low quality affiliate sites to make some easy money.  This is exactly what all the other lazy affiliate marketers are doing.  And if done right, it can work.

But it’s NOT a business.  And it’s not sustainable long-term… especially with the recent Panda and Penguin updates issued by Google.

I’m looking for serious entrepreneurs who have passion and a vision.  It’s cool to start out with affiliate marketing, but I’d eventually like to see you roll out your own products, services and coaching programs.

This is how you build a legitimate business that’s capable of earning high six figures or even seven figures.

If you’re feeling my flow, you’ll want to watch the following two videos…

In these videos, you’ll discover how to weed out inferior coaches; how to honestly assess whether or not coaching is right for you; how to avoid high priced ripoffs; and lastly, how to ensure rapid success online.

Internet Business Coach

Okay, a little about me

Oddly enough, I’m a Doctor of Pharmacy.  That picture at the top right of this page was taken in 2006 the day I graduated from pharmacy school.

However, my career as a pharmacist didn’t last long.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and although most people probably would’ve killed to have that income, I pretty much hated the work.

Fast forward two years…

My first shot at self-employment started with an offline personal training business.  After blowing a bunch of money on advertising in newspapers and other forms of print media, I turned to the Internet to see about putting up a website.

I’d never taken a computer class in my life — with the exception of typing in high school — so, needless to say, I didn’t have a friggin’ clue as to what I was doing.

After a lot of Google ‘how to’ searches, I finally managed to piece together my very first site.  It was hideous, but I was extremely proud.

Internet Marketing Ain’t Easy (At First)

There was only one problem: I had no idea how to get found in the search engines.  Since my goal was to get in front of as many local clients who wanted personal training as possible, I knew I had some homework to do.

Let’s fast forward again…

I spent tens of thousands of dollars (and hundreds of hours) investing in my Internet marketing education.  After a while, it started to pay off as I slowly but surely managed to get a few pages of that butt-ugly website to the top of Google.


Or was it?

(… cause here’s the thing… )

My plan had paid off.  I established a web presence and finally figured out the whole local Internet marketing thing, which slowly translated into more personal training clients.

That’s when I realized that running a personal training business was not much better than a job, since I had to show up to get paid.

It was a major aha moment, as I could now see that my earning potential was completely limited by the hours I was willing to work.

That’s when everything changed.

I thought why not do exactly what I’d done for my personal training business — only, repeat the process for a fitness training website that would run exclusively online…

I figured it’d be the best of all worlds, as I didn’t have to show up anywhere to get paid… I could market to the entire world and earn unlimited income… plus, there was almost no overhead.

Now we’re cooking with gas.

That’s when I created, which is one of the highest trafficked fitness websites out there, getting around 7,000 visitors per day.  That site alone has pulled in over $100,000.

I’ve now turned the blog posts over to my friend who does all the grunt work while I sit back and earn a hefty income on total autopilot.

Since making this move, I’ve completely freed up my time, allowing me to build a second six figure business in just a couple months time.

Yep, you guessed it:

We’re now halfway through 2012 and I earn a high six-figure income online — all while working less than 25 hours per week… at home… in my underwear (sorry for the visual, LOL).

And I definitely don’t say any of this to brag, but rather, to let you know who I am, how I got to where I’m at today and most importantly, to inspire and motivate YOU to follow in my footsteps.

Hey, if a pharmacist who previously knew nothing about online marketing can dive in head first and figure this stuff out… then I have complete faith that other highly motivated and disciplined entrepreneurs can do the same…

especially if you’re wise enough to hire a mentor that can expedite the process for you.  I guess that brings us full circle to the original point of this post, which is to discuss the luxury coaching experience I’m now opening up for a small number of clients…

But first, a fair warning…

I Won’t Be Just Anyone’s Coach

At the risk of sounding cocky, I don’t need to do this.  I WANT to do this.

These days, it’s not near as much about the money.

Sure, adding new revenue streams is great — but, since I’m already earning a very comfy income and I’m able to live the lifestyle I desire (and then some), I’m more concerned about working on projects that I truly enjoy.

Internet Marketing Coaching by Brad CampbellLike I said earlier, with the exception of watching UFC or taking vacations (that’s me living the good life in VEGAS baby), discussing Internet marketing is pretty much my favorite activity.

I know what it’s like to be an Internet newbie or even a struggling affiliate marketer (remember those “fast forwards” in my story line earlier — yeah, well believe me there were months and months of confusion, frustration and doubt before the success ever came)…

I also know how euphoric I felt when I finally got things rolling and started making decent money online.

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming ;-)

It’s unfortunate, but in the past few years I’ve realized that I was the exception — fact is, like I said up top, somewhere around 95% of aspiring Internet marketers never make a penny online.

That’s a depressing stat to consider.  I know how bad I wanted it.

Hell, I would get to the point of tears… or snapping altogether — ready to smash my laptop into a million pieces after days of refreshing my ClickBank account only to see nothing but blank white spaces on the little graph where bright green and gray bars are supposed to be representing daily sales.

It was a solid 12 months of agony, stress and raw emotion — definitely a roller coaster ride that I’d never want to experience again.

And to think that the majority of marketers are riding that roller coaster each and every day, with no end in sight… DAMN, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

I can honestly say as an Internet marketing specialist, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can change the lives of at least a few of these “dot com lifestyle” hopefuls…

So that’s what I’m gonna do.

But, because of the intense time commitment and coupled with that fact that so many people out there deserve help, there’s no way I’m gonna accept anyone who sucks to be around.

So please, no whiners, complainers, excuse makers, victims or pessimists should apply.  I only want to coach clients who are positive, energetic and cool to talk to…

Having said all that, you’re probably wondering what this opportunity entails, right?

Here Are The Details…

This is an intimate, one-on-one relationship where I literally take you by the hand and help you to strategically build your Internet empire from the ground up.

The blueprint is simple: we figure out what you’re passionate about…

… then build you a WordPress blog that’s easy to manage and provides you with the proper foundation for growing a long-term lifestyle business on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use exclusively affiliate marketing or later combine this with selling your own products and services — the mechanics are the same (targeted traffic plus conversions equals profits)…

Alright, enough rambling…

Let’s get to the good stuff.  The Luxury Coaching Experience is 5 wealth building months of daily high-level mentoring with yours truly.  Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get…

Luxury Coaching Experience

  • Initial 90-minute mastermind to establish niche, research target audience, map out website infrastructure and discuss traffic game plan
  • VIP access to my six figure training lab (Palm Tree Profits) and my killer WordPress Course (includes over-the-shoulder downloadable videos and covers everything technical)
  • Specific daily action steps and reminders sent directly to your Inbox to keep you systematically moving forward, without ever feeling lost or overwhelmed
  • Weekly coaching sessions where I teach advanced marketing concepts, answer questions, reveal live case studies and more
  • 24/7 unrestricted support, including direct access to my own personal cell phone, email address and Skype handle
  • Done-for-you copywriting, where I’ll actually write your main sales (or pre-sell) page for you (I currently charge $8,000 for a traditional sales letter like you’re reading now)
  • One free admission to my “dot com lifestyle” $500k Vegas mastermind weekend event, where we’ll work on creating a big ticket service to propel your Internet business towards that half-million dollar mark
  • Pricing: $13,500 one time fee or $3,000 per month x 5 months

Vegas 500k Mastermind

No need to rub your eyes.  You read that right.

Any high-end service pampers their clients, and this is no exception.

I told ya this wasn’t just about coaching.  This is the most surefire way to go from zero to hero by way of Internet marketing.  Not only that, but it’s the quickest and most unique path one could possibly take.

Pure luxury, a taste of the dot com lifestyle and streamlined results — all rolled into one unparalleled experience that takes the guesswork out of earning a full-time living online.

If that’s not bad ass, I don’t know what is…

Now, if you’re thinking this all sounds cool, but costs too much, you’re definitely not ready.

This doesn’t “cost” anything.  It’s an investment.  You’re investing in happiness, freedom, confidence and swag.  You’re investing in the ability to do what you want, when you want.

Look, what do all the best actors, athletes, business people and (insert whatever you want here) have in common?

Well, they sure as hell didn’t become the best and highest paid in their respective field by simply reading a few books or watching a couple videos.

Nope.  They invested heavily into getting one-on-one access to the greatest coaches, mentors and trainers money could buy.

Their massive success is no accident.

They didn’t get lucky.

What separates them from the rest of the pack is their obsession with succeeding and their willingness to invest in coaching.

If you’re truly serious about becoming a legitimate Internet marketer, shouldn’t you do the same?

And think about it, most people go to college and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

When (if) they graduate, it can take 20+ years to pay those damn things off.  Plus, especially in today’s economy, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even get a decent job that utilizes that degree — let alone pays you what you deserve.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?  Are we on the same page here?  If so, maybe there’s a chance you’re a good candidate for this luxury coaching experience.

Just remember, and I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but I will only work with serious entrepreneurs.

Every client must get results.  No exception.  For this reason, I’ll be hand-selecting only those applicants who I feel are the most deserving and best-suited for this opportunity.

If you get in, you’ll know immediately that you made the best investment possible for your future.

Once again, don’t just take my word for it.  This is the kind of feedback I receive daily from my coaching clients:

best marketing coach

(… that message was from a student who had to push back our Skype meeting for the day… )

By the way, besides being awesome, the coaching is also profitable.  That student (named Bill) has just reached the middle of page one and is now seeing sales roll in:

Brad's Marketing Strategy Works!

You get what you pay for in life, right?

I mean, if you’re still looking for the magic bullet and you think the answer to your online marketing prayers is contained within some $37 flavor-of-the-week ClickBank product, I wish you luck.  I really do.  But this ain’t for you.

I’m looking for someone who’s realistic and hungry.

Starving, in fact.

When I was struggling to find my way online, I wanted it so bad it felt like life or death.  I needed to break through like I needed my next breath.  When I bellied up to my laptop to write a blog post, I pretended I was going to war.

I’d watch motivational speeches to amplify this feeling.

Matter of fact, here’s one of my all-time favorites:

No doubt many will find that cheesy and highly irrelevant.  That’s okay.  For the one or two that it struck a chord with, you’re definitely on my wavelength.  If that’s you…

Here’s How To Apply

To apply: download the Luxury Coaching Experience Application form, fill it out completely and honestly, then email it to Support[at]CashReview[dot]net.

Brad Campbell MentorYou can also drop me a line below if you have any questions.

Remember, the dot com lifestyle really does exist.  Regardless of whether you apply for my luxury coaching program, I hope this at least lights a fire under your ass and motivates you to work even harder to fulfill your dreams.

I look forward to working closely with you and showing you step-by-step how to crush it on the Internet.

- Brad Campbell, Internet Marketing Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to sell my own products and services or I run an offline business?

Even better.  I work with anyone who wants to leverage the power of online marketing to bring in more leads and sales around the clock.

Whether you want to be an affiliate marketer, sell your own information products, sell physical products, boost your own coaching and consulting services or blow up your offline business…

… this Luxury Coaching Experience will show you how to build true wealth by ranking at the top of Google for your most profitable search phrases, writing high-converting copy, building a responsive email list, leveraging social media, hiring low cost outsourcers to maximize lifestyle and freedom, positioning yourself as a trusted authority, and much more.

I’m not technical at all — I’ve never managed my own website before.  Can this still work for me?

Yes.  In fact, most of my clients fit this description.  A total lack of technical skills is easily overcome by: a great teacher (wink), over-the-shoulder high definition video training for anything “techie” and of course, continual advancements in technology.

Seriously, building and operating a six-or-seven-figure website these days is point and click easy, thanks to user friendly platforms like WordPress.

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Hey Brad – you seem like a real honest and straightforward kind of guy. I liked hearing your story and you have me really excited – this may be exaclty what I need because I feel like I’ve bought all the ebooks and courses and every time what was missing was the personal touch. I need someone telling me what to do every single day and someone who can help me out with every single aspect and not just give me some general plan that leaves all the important details out. I just sent you an email, please get back to me soon as I’m eager to get started!!


Brad Campbell

Jamison, thanks for the reply. I received your email and just responded. Look forward to speaking with you later today, if that works for you…

Talk Soon,




Brad, excellent news! I’ve been following you for over 3 months now and it is obvious you know your stuff. Love your Top Fat Loss Trainer blog – that is how I originally found you. I am dying to start making consistent monthly income. All I have done is a few sales here and there so I am desperate to get to even just a few thousand per month and then explode it from there! I am focused and mroe than willing to follow all of your advice. Hope you still have room left. If so when could I get started??? Waiting to hear from you,



Brad Campbell

Hey Larry, check your email – let’s talk today and get things rolling asap…

I’m pumped ;-)




You must know a thing or two about copywriting because after reading this I’m sold :) If your mentoring program is half as good as I think it will be, I will be leaving my day job very soon! I will send the application email now and tell you more about my situation.


Brad Campbell

Hi Casey, thanks for the comment and I received your email. Please see my response…

Talk to ya soon.



Joe Money

Hi Brad. what can I expect to be making realistically if I did this for 6 months?
Thank You in advance.


Brad Campbell

Love the name Mr. Joe MONEY ;-) I’ll be honest — it depends on lots of things, such as: whether you’re doing affiliate marketing, selling your own digital products, marketing your offline biz or any combo of the former. It also depends where you’re starting from. Some of my clients were fortunate enough to already have a fairly high traffic site, while others had nothing to start with. It also depends on how much time you have to follow through on what I’m teaching you and/or how willing you are to outsource some of the work.

Lastly, it’ll depend on the market you’re in and the price points available for whatever you’re selling within that market. Having said all that, let’s assume worst case scenario on everything — I should still have you earning no less than $4-5k/mo by the end of 6 months. *Disclaimer — the biggest determining factor is YOU, so it could be less (or even way more) depending on how you perform/follow through. Hope that helps.




Hey Brad. I sent you an email earlier today… I grew up in IA also, although the other side of the state. Logan-Magnolia in Harrison County. I ended up in snowy MN instead of sunny AZ though ;-P Looking forward to getting started if possible!


Brad Campbell

Hey Ted, I’m responding right now. Glad to meet a fellow Iowan… very cool!



Hey there Brad I noticed you said something about local affiliate marketing in your videos and that is exactly what I would like to build my online business around! I am sending my email application right now!! Please help me, I will do whatever it takes (yes, I have the burning desire!)


Brad Campbell

Hey Kelly, thanks for the comment and application — please see my email response.





Hi Brad I would like to ask you a few questions about this coaching program. Can I send them to you by email? I want to explain my situation and see if you can help out?



Brad Campbell

Hey Brandon, yes go ahead and email me using the “contact” link below in the footer. Ask away. I’ve got answers :)


Donna E.

I’m interested in internet marketing from a different aspect. I’d love to chat with you when you have a sec to see if your coaching and or methods would be a good fit for my business. Thanks in advance


Brad Campbell

Hey Donna, no problem – I’ll email you now. Look forward to speaking with you…



Jeri Prehm

Its excellent as your other articles : D, appreciate it for posting .


Linda Sahoo

Hi Brad, can this be done from abroad?? I am currently living and working in Canada, or this is for US residents only? Can amount be paid in installments? thank you.


Brad Campbell

Hey Linda, yes… I’ve currently got clients from Canada, the Netherlands, U.K. and of course, the U.S. I’ve also worked with one guy living in Australia, so location is no issue whatsoever. At the current time, I’m not offering any alternative payment plans other than what’s listed. Just let me know if there’s anything else you need answered and I’m happy to address it. Hope to talk to you soon…




I was so damn excited and then I got to the end and saw that you are all booked! Anyhow, I do hope you will consider me for your next time slot. Application sent in already. If you have any questions about my app, please let me know. I’ll eagerly await your response.

All The Best,



Brad Campbell

Hey Kyle, I received your application and will be emailing you shortly. Thanks for applying…



Kerry Maher


First, compared to the other “make money online” crap I’ve seen, your approach, your attitude and your honesty are refreshing. I’m seriously considering applying for your next available session, but wanted to tell you a little about myself to see if you think I might be a viable candidate.

I’m presently living in South Korea teaching English at a university. Prior to coming to Korea, I taught high school and university in the USA and had minor success as an actor. I’m 57 years old and in Korea you’re forced to retire at 60. I don’t want to return to the US, so I was looking for a way to generate income that wasn’t dependent on the whims of governments, greedy employers, etc., so I have been searching for online options. As I mentioned, most are obvious scams, so I began to think my only option after Korea might be to return to the US and become a Wal Mart greeter.

Although, I am older, I have basic computer skills (no website, nor experience) so I just wanted your honest opinion about my potential success after working with you as an internet marketing coach. Ultimately, I would like to retire in the Philippines, so a monthly income of $3,000 to $4,000 would allow me to live a simple/comfortable life. Again, I am a complete newbie to the internet marketing world. If I took your internet marketing coach option, do you think there is potential for success for someone like me?

I know you can’t predict the future, but was just curious if you had worked with someone in a similar situation as me. Thanks in advance for any insight and congratulations on your success in creating the life you wanted for you and your family.


Brad Campbell

Hey Kerry, thanks for the kind words. You have a very unique advantage with your background — although being a great communicator/writer is not an absolute must (you can always outsource the website content), it certainly helps.

I am currently coaching one gentleman who is already retired. He had zero technical skills and no marketing experience prior to starting and he’s doing great. Surprisingly, and I was just telling this to a new client the other day, about 80% of my students have never even owned a website prior to starting with me.

And more like 90% have never made a single dime online.

With my new “Luxury Coaching Experience,” I’ve made it even easier to have success, no matter what your background or skill level… as I’m creating the entire (first) website for you — in addition to teaching you every step in the process.

Basically, I decided that it would be best to “serve you the fish on a silver platter,” but also teach you how to become one of the “top fisherman” out there.

In this way, I can ensure my clients make the most passive income possible, in the shortest amount of time and with almost no stresses or headaches.

In a lot of ways, I actually prefer to take on students with no real experience, as this means I don’t have to spend time correcting bad habits or fighting false notions that were picked up along the way…

Every client I take on WILL be a success story and I definitely welcome your application.



Tom Gradisher

i am brand new to affiliate marketing. I have an affiliate web site set up. I have a paypal account. I have account to get html codes. Now what? How do I drive lots of traffic on a limited budget. Thanks


derrick johnson

So basically i come up with an idea and you push it for me? i dont understand what you do


Brad Campbell

Hi Derrick, I give you the one-on-one coaching, showing you exactly how to build simple, high converting websites and then rank them high on Google, thus generating passive affiliate commissions (or even selling your own products and services, if you want to go that route). In addition, with the Luxury Coaching Experience, I actually do all the heavy lifting for you on the first site. So I hand select a profitable niche/product, build you a professional website based around that product, write the main sales copy and then have my team go to town on the link building to get it ranked as fast as possible.

This is something that, to my knowledge, no one else offers. The aim is to make you more money, faster, and without having you spend a cent above and beyond what you pay for the coaching package. We get this first site firing on all cylinders, get you some profits coming in and then you rinse and repeat. Hope that helps to clarify — if you still have questions, just shout.


monica lennon

Hi Brad!!!! I just sent in my application and have a dire interest in your mentoring program. I hope to be chosen very soon to get started ASAP.

-Monica Lennon


Brad Campbell

Hey Monica, I actually just looked over it. I’ll be emailing you back shortly. Thanks for the app and love your enthusiasm!


Eric Lachman

Hi Brad
I just found your site yesterday and what a breath of fresh air. To dicover someone
with integrity is great. I am interested in you mentoring program. One question I have is how long is the Mentoring program does it vary with eash person or is it a 6month kind of thing ? Simply put how long do I get you for 8,500 dollars ? Witch by the sound reasonable.
Thanks Eric


Brad Campbell

Hey Eric, thanks man, appreciate it. Regardless of the payment option you select, it’s 5 whole months of coaching (about 150 days). Having said that, I tend to build really good friendships with all my coaching clients and I like to stay in touch with them after the mentoring ends, to see how they’re doing. This means I’m more than happy to answer the random question, give feedback or help you out any way I can after the coaching has come to and end. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Junior The Hungry Lion

Hey Brad,
Was going on. I just finish reading and watching your videos on the web Brad I am super hungry and motivated to get started like a lion learning from you. I would have the time, and I can take dictionary well. But I would like to talk to you more about my self can I send them to you by email. I want to tell you was is going on in my life at this time.


Brad Campbell

Hey Junior, got your email and will respond now. Thanks for reaching out…



Hey Brad
I have a blog for 1 1/2 years. I get on first page for most of my article keyword titles. I seemed to have earned the attention of search engines. Had a coach through IIU, and they helped me build my site, learn how to do articles, video, linking and other stuff. I have not made any money, I do not know how to affiliate market. What would your advice be.
Jeffrey Randolph-


Brad Campbell

Hey Jeff, I’m coming out with a coaching club very soon that might help you straighten things out. Learn more here: Palm Tree Profits. It’s a much lower cost alternative for those who really want my guidance but cannot afford the Luxury fees.


Margarito Garcia

Thanks Brad! This coaching is like no other! Whoever gets to be part of such coaching must be really lucky! ;)
Palm Tree Profits is the best name for desiring such amazing life.


Brad Campbell

Hey Margarito, thank you buddy. It’s been awesome having you as a client — I’m the lucky one ;-)


Nicholas CARENEN




Brad Campbell

Awesome, thx Nicholas. I’ll check it out and get back to you.


Gregg Kellogg

I’m gettin ready to pull the trigger but a couple quick questions…
My passion is the fitness industry and right now I’m driving traffic to my squeeze page (to build my list) from
1. Is the fitness industry too competitive?
2. Is it cool that my niche seems to be a pretty close competitor of Top Fat Loss Trainer?


Brad Campbell

Hey Gregg, looks like you’re on the right track. No, definitely not. Competition means there’s a lot of money to be made. You’ve selected a very nice, highly targeted niche and you’re clearly the expert in that arena, so I’d say you’re headed in the perfect direction. Haha, yes, no worries. I honestly don’t do anything with that site anymore. I’m much more passionate about online marketing and Cash Review now consumes 100% of my time and energy. Look forward to working with you…



Susan Holmes

I appreciate how straight forword and down to earth your information is so far. There is a lot of crap to wade threw out there. My question is, I live in IL and amazon doesn’t take affiliates from IL, do you know why and this is a major site does it make it harder for me to find honest, ligit product to endorse? Thank you for any help.



hi, so i got to ask you , what do you do if your a stay at home dad and you have no money and like the most i ever have is fifty bucks cash a month???? do you you have any ideas?


Brad Campbell

Hey Donald, I’d recommend buying a domain, hosting and going to town publishing killer content in a niche you’re familiar/passionate about. Then network the hell out of it. If your content really is “killer,” word will spread, you’ll create a following and money will come to you.



and yes success with anthony morrison is a fucking joke, no step by step walk through no nothing you cant even talk to anyone at all about the program, so once again i am out money that i didnt have.



Plesse send me info how to participate in programme



Brad Campbell

Hey Sadi, please fill out the application form above and email it to me as per the instructions at the end of the post. Looking forward to it.


Rey Panganiban

I am new in this game. However, i bought more e books hoping to learn. At this moment, nothing is working. I used to run full marathon races and I remember hiring a running coach. It was the best decision. I always make to the finish line. Same happens in trekking. My dream is to be able to reach the summit peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Through the coaching of how to trek, I reached the Uhuru Summit of Africa. I think if I can find a good coach, I also can make it in internet. At the moment I fumble the football. The so called gurus is killing my dream. Can you in your spare time, just send me a note whether you have the time and the nerve to teach a green guy. Rey


Brad Campbell

Hey Rey, thank you for the comment. I can relate to you, on multiple levels. I too hired multiple coaches when I was ‘green’ in the IM scene and even though the first coach was terrible, I eventually found someone who was able to mentor me and systematically take my business to the next level.

I am also training for a half-marathon right now, and have NOT hired a coach, but am wishing I did… as my training has been very sporadic and I continue to get nagging little injuries that I don’t understand how to prevent/treat.

I’m obviously a huge believer in practicing what I preach and investing into coaches for any area of life that you want to excel at.

It’s the only true way to ‘shortcut’ your results — by leveraging the failures and successes of others who’re already where you want to be and who can trim the fat and show you the most efficient way to go from A to Z.

I definitely have the time and nerve to coach you if you’re interested.

Most of my clients have little-to-no experience when they start out with me. Literally, a few have had troubles working their email ;-)

In some ways, it’s almost better b/c I don’t have to spend time unlearning incorrect concepts and methods they might have picked up along the way.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing your application…



Diandra Hunt

Hey There!!

I have intrigued by internet marketing now for a year and have been dabbling at the idea of getting into ever since. However, the information on it seems overwhelming, limitless, and sometimes can seem far fetched. There are tons of so-called material out there and gurus, and systems, tips methods… A lot of it has been really vague and repititive and I can’t seem to get a good grasp. I think the way you describe yourself closely matches my personality. I learn things one on one straight forward with a guide a long the way so I can ask direct questions and really get my hands dirty. I need a human voice or personal email, whatever so I can make sense of it. I am new please help me!!!


Brad Campbell

Hi Diandra, would love to learn more about you — can you please fill out the app and send it to me?


Jason McDonald

Hi Brad, I’m a Kiwi (New Zealand) , a chef by trade but as i have had multiple surgeries on arms and hands i have been advised to stay out of my chosen profession! After 12 years in the industry what do you move onto.

That’s when I found google sniper 2.0 and was very hesitant about it joining as am very green when it comes to internet and computers.
That was a good thing i think as I have just found your review on it.
Was just hoping to get some reassurance about this as I have little income .
Thanks for your time, hope to here from you


Brad Campbell

Hey man, sorry to hear that. Yeah, gs2.0 is old school. I wish George Brown would update it. Back in the day I loved it. But now I’m doing Empower Network and making a lot more money ;-)


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