How To Make $30,000 Per Month Online

by Brad Campbell in Case Studies

You’ve heard me talking lately about how I’m marching steadily towards an extra $30,000 per month in affiliate commissions.

I almost hate saying that, ’cause it does sound incredibly hypey.

But it’s true.  And it’s more than possible when you’ve got high-priced products to sell that convert well.

Watch this 3-hr video to learn more about the formula I’m using:

When you’re ready to stop being a wussy and join in on the fun, click here to get signed up…

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Hey Brad,

So basically Empower Network sells an automated blog setup to individuals, who then sell others on the the same platform, correct?

How much do you make every time someone signs up under you? What is the bonus amount you make off the downline sale?

Also, once we sign up, you’ll give us the tools you use….but if everyone that signs up under you uses the same PPC ads(for example), won’t that drive up the cost for all of us?

This isn’t twenty questions, I just didn’t want to sit through the hour long promotional video in order to get the details at the end. lol.


Brad Campbell

Hey Dorian, good questions.

With Empower Network, yes you ‘can’ resell any of the training products you purchase, to others, for 100% commissions… but you don’t have to. Many members use their blogging platform as a means to get ranked and sell other affiliate products or networking opportunities they’re involved with.

I’m definitely promoting their stuff because it’s literally the best I’ve ever purchased and plus, they have much higher payouts than any other marketing programs out there.

You make 100% of what the product costs, and they have a $25 per month blogging platform, a $100 per month inner circle membership, a $500 product called Costa Rica Intensive, a $1,000 product called the $15k Formula and even a Masters Course that pays $3,000 commissions.

The highest amount you could make per referral is close to $5,000.

The average you’ll make per referral is around $400, based on company-wide statistics.

I plan on targeting ‘better’ more pre-qualified prospects, however, and so I’m shooting for a lifetime value per referral of around $1,500.

… Which, can easily be done if I’m signing up serious entrepreneurs who’re committed to going all in.

That’s what makes the earning potential so massive, if you decide to promote their products.

But again, that’s totally up to you.

You could just buy their courses purely for education – and to capitalize off their high authority blogging platform – and do your own thing, without ever promoting Empower Network.

Well, remember that any top-selling product online faces thousands of affiliates battling it out for the same real estate. There will always be competition and WAY more with products on ClickBank, Amazon, etc, as those are free to promote and so every affiliate does.

With some hoops to jump through in being able to resell their training, you’ll never see as much total competition as you will with the other more mainstream affiliate programs.

Next, the ways to drive traffic are endless.

Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Adbrite, Craigslist, list swaps, JV deals, media buys, sponsored reviews, and on and on.

There are new free and paid methods popping up constantly.

Plus, most people inside Empower do not spend a dime on traffic. Maybe they’re afraid of paid ads or perhaps they just don’t have the funds.


Although I will definitely share my paid campaign info, my primary focus is always on free traffic generation… as this is what I’ve killed it with online and this is obviously what most students prefer.

With blogging, which is always the backbone of my internet income, there are millions of different keywords to go after. The opportunity for long tail traffic is incredible.

I’m also in the process of mapping out some sort of co-op, where all members of my team can benefit from the skills of others.

For example, I’ve got over 60 websites, and I can leverage the authority of those websites to boost my teams’ rankings with their Empower blog posts.

I’m also creating done-for-you content that you’ll be able to use yourself to drive traffic and refer prospects with your affiliate link (i.e. non-branded videos that you can post to YouTube, rank and then send that traffic to YOUR squeeze page with YOUR link)…

Hope that helps man.

Just let me know if you have any more questions.


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